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Go green in style with customized perks such as a coupon for a smart thermostat or a preferred rate at an eco-hotel.

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Professional Accounting

Get the professional accounting service that you deserve with an accountant who shares your values, is on the top of the innovation curve and is available to meet with you at the click of a mouse.


Personal Eco Report

Your Eco Report is an annual snapshot of your environmental life. It rewards your green strengths and gives you perks which will help you live even greener.


Competitive Pricing

Going green shouldn’t be a burden; it should be a relief. Check out our competitive pricing as well as our family and maternity pricing policies.


Business Solutions

We offer accounting services to meet all your business needs, and by looking at your business’s carbon footprint we can also help you reduce costs, engage the green community and certify you as a Climate Smart business.


A new way to measure your world

EcoTaxFile provides personalized accounting services from experienced tax professionals who will maximize your tax refund and take the stress out of tax time – all while providing advice on how to reduce your carbon footprint and live more sustainably.


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